Family Owned & Strong Work Ethics

Acme Metals & Recycling is a family owned and run company that still adheres to the strong work ethic of its resourceful founder.  Charles Cohen began the business with a horse and wagon, collecting old clothes, rags, pots, pans, paper, and anything else that could be resold and reused.

In 1938, following a printers’ strike, he was joined by his son Myer, a journeyman printer at the local newspaper  Later they opened up a yard in downtown Springfield named Acme Junk Company.  By 1958, the business had outgrown its very small yard and the company moved to its current location.

Myer Cohen’s son-in-law, George Sachs, came on board in 1966.  George’s background as an engineer allowed the company to become the second scrap processor in Massachusetts to purchase and install a state-of-the-art 300-ton hydraulic guillotine shear.

By 1972, the new buzz-word for the scrap industry and the rest of the nation was “recycling.”  Realizing that this concept was going to fuel the industry, George and Myer changed the name of the company to Acme Metals & Recycling, Inc.

George runs the business as President and Treasurer.  He values his employees, some of whom have worked for Acme for 40 years.  Their dedication has helped make the company an innovator in the recycling industry.

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